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Finding Government in South Australia

SA in Australia mapMany people who are new to the job market are attracted to SA government jobs, because they usually offer competitive pay. Some will also offer the chance for advancement, where others are temporary or contract jobs. Doing an online job search will provide you with quite a few positions for which you may apply. Other positions may be found in the SA government jobs gazette.  

The location of South Australia jobs varies, and they may be found in any of the areas that are served by SA state government and SA local government jobs. An engineering job search may be helpful to Flinders University graduates in Science and Engineering, since their schooling would be appropriate for this position.

Other jobs available in South Australia reflect those found in the other states, including Health, Education, Finance, Housing, Recreation and Transportation. The duties for each position are dependent on what work goes on in that department. Some people have supervisory roles while other work in technical, hands-on fields or with external agencies or offices.

To be hired into Victorian government jobs, you will need to have the schooling that will prepare you for your new position. Entry level or clerical jobs may be based on work experience, but the higher level jobs may require a degree from university.

The salary you can expect in SA health jobs and those in other technical areas will be somewhat higher than the wages paid to clerical workers being hired for government jobs in SA. Receptionists might hire in between $23,000 and $43,000 per annum, where a Regional Operations Director may hire in at $103,000.

The government will keep you continuously trained, not just for your current position, but to give you a chance to advance in the government or transfer to other departments. SA gov jobs that are in positions like Health Care and Communications have a bright future, since these areas are in a state of expansion in Australia. 

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