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Civil Designer Penrith City Council Sydney
Duty Town Planning Officer Auburn Council Sydney
Resource Recovery Project Officer Bankstown City Council Sydney
WHS Systems Officer Marrickville Council Sydney

Finding Government Jobs in New South Wales

NSW LocationNSW government jobs account for over 300,000 casual, part time and full time jobs in Australia. Working for the government, you may be employed in various fields that include education, health, engineering, administration, agriculture and environmental management.

There are many government locations in NSW where you could secure a position. You may also look for local government jobs that are within your area of expertise.

NSW government jobs in health and human services are a valuable way that you can contribute to the good of the entire area. Whether you are an entry level employee or hire in at management level, many people are coming to the public sector from university and the private sector.

To qualify for NSW government jobs or appointments, you will need to have a degree in your field of choice, unless you are applying for entry level positions. In these cases, you may not be required to have schooling. Any work experience in your chosen field is helpful.

After you and others have applied for NSW or federal government jobs, the selection for the job will be merit-based. You will need to have the skills, experience and personal qualities that match the job requirements the best.

Salaries are varied depending on your skills, experience and department. Some base salaries include $34,000-$56,000 for a Customer Support Clerk and $123,000+ for a Police Psychologist

The duties of your position will depend on what area you have been hired into. You may be interacting with the public, working outdoors or coordinating plans and strategies with other employees and outside agencies.

NSW government jobs in Wollongong or other areas offer benefits to those who work there. You will be given a chance to fully develop your personal career. You can change career paths as you learn new skills. There is a good chance for promotion, as well, and for transferring to other jobs in the public sector.

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