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Our Vision
To be the most attractive and rewarding area in all aspects of life in rural New South Wales.

Our Mission
To foster community relations, actively lead, facilitate and ensure sustainable development and provide, maintain and extend Council services to improve the quality of life for residents throughout the shire.

Our Motto
"Cowra Shire Council - Creating a Better Future".

We value:

  • Sustainability
  • Financially viable and environmentally sustainable outcomes
  • Local solutions to local problems
  • A long term vision
  • Honest, open, objective and accountable decision making
  • Community involvement in decision making
  • Continuous improvement
  • Cost effective & commercially competitive service delivery

Cowra Shire is located in Central New South Wales, 310 kilometres drive due west of Sydney. The Shire area is 2,800 sq km and it is located between the Council areas of Blayney, Cabonne, Forbes, Weddin, Young and Boorowa Shires. Population has shown steady growth and is currently 13000. 

The landscape in Cowra varies from river flats to slopes, rolling hills and some rugged wilderness areas. Significant features include the Lachlan River Valley from Wyangala Dam down through the town of Cowra and the rich alluvial areas from the town down to Gooloogong. Take a look with the interactive viewer.

Cowra Shire includes a number of small villages:  Billimari, Darbys Falls, Gooloogong, Morongla, Noonbinna, Wattamondara, Woodstock and Wyangala. 

Rainfall is generally reliable through the year and the 100 year average is approximately 640 mm per annum. January, May, August and October are the wettest months.

Temperatures vary during the year making the area suitable for many different crops and horticultural products. The 50 year average shows an average minimum 3.6C in July and an average maximum of 30.8C in January. 

Cowra Shire was originally inhabited by the Wiradjuri people. The first white explorers entered the Lachlan Valley in 1815 (George Evans). A Military Depot was established not long after at Soldiers Flat near present day Billimari. Settlers appeared to have moved into the Lachlan Valley after 1835 and the township of Cowra had its beginnings in 1840. The town and district have since grown and prospered. Significant events such as the construction of Wyangala Dam in the late 1920's and early 1930's, the Military Training Camp and the POW Camp, the migrant camp, the second Wyangala Dam all contributed to Cowra economy where others towns may have struggled.

Cowra has at least 50 different cultures within the community, a fine record and proof of the value of regional integration of new cultures into the Australian way of life. Cowra celebrates this cultural diversity with the Annual Festival of International Understanding.


Cowra Council values its employees and strives to maintain quality working conditions, which currently include:


  • 15 paid sick days per year
  • 4 weeks annual leave per year
  • 9 weeks paid maternity leave
  • Rosters including RDO 
  • Salary sacrifice for superannuation
  • Fully maintained / leaseback vehicle arrangements available to specific positions
  • Learning and development opportunities including study leave and reimbursement of fees
  • Long service leave is available after 5 years
  • Relocation assistance available to new employees transferring to Cowra from another centre

Study & Professional Development

  • Career Progression Planning
  • Professional Development and opportunities to act in other positions
  • Financial assistance for approved undergraduate/postgraduate courses of study
  • Opportunities to gain recruitment experience by assisting on staff selection panels

Employee Welfare

  • Corporate Uniform allowance (indoor staff)
  • All PPE and uniform requirements (outdoor staff)
  • Free counselling service for all employees and their families

For further information, please visit our website:

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Street Address: 116 Kendal Street, Cowra NSW 2794
Postal Address: Private Bag 342 Cowra NSW 2794
Phone: (02) 6340 2000
Fax: (02) 6340 2011

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